Introducing the QUICS Blog

Welcome to the very first entry in our new QUICS blog. QUICS is a European Union Funded Initial Training Network which aims to create a new group of scientists and engineers able to manage complex environmental problems to do with water quality and catchment management ( In launching this blog we hope to achieve  two main aims.

  1. Share the work, goings-on and general activities of the network members with the wider world
  2. Help and aid discussion and communication within the network

Entries to this blog may be about ongoing research, day to day activities, thoughts about the world of academic research or any water management issues (topical or not). We also expect all network members to contribute including new PhD researchers, industrial partners, supervisors and professors.

As dissemination manager, I get to write the first entry, to be followed (roughly fortnightly) by other network members (approximately 50 in all!). So, with the first ‘real’ entry to follow I looking forward to reading all about life in the QUICS network!

James Shucksmith

Dissemination and Outreach Manager – QUICS



Introducing the QUICS Blog

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