Recent integrated modelling workshops in North America


As already mentioned in a previous post, we had a great workshop at UDM in Quebec about uncertainty, but we had another one about integrated modelling! It was organised by the IWA Working Group on Modelling of Integrated Urban Water Systems and we had a nice bunch of people entertaining interesting discussion on how regulations and modelling influence each other, and on which are the most relevant barriers to a wider use of integrated modelling. A report will be produced soon.


The week after we were in Chicago for WEFTEC, where on Sunday we had a fully booked (50 people) workshop where we gave an introduction to integrated modelling, showed a few case studies and even had a hands-on session. Very interestingly – and very promisingly – about half of the participants were from utilities, while usually the majority of presences at such workshops are from consultancy and academia. Also the dedicated “hot-topic session” of Tuesday afternoon was very well attended, and in general we could sense an increasing interest in the tools and benefits of modelling of the whole urban water system.

Furthermore, a new WEF group has been formed by members of several different WEF Committees, named Integrated Modeling Workgroup (IMW).

Recent integrated modelling workshops in North America