The end is near – the QUICS final dissemination event

When I started my post as experienced researcher I knew that it was expected from me to write a deliverable and do some outreach event. Quite fast it turned out that this outreach event will be the final dissemination event for the QUICS project and that the idea was to have a little more special and big one than usual as part of the Amsterdam International Water Week. The idea was to enable the fellows to spread their research results of the last years to an interested audience. However, it was not fellow scientists that were the target audience but practitioners, who want to learn more about uncertainties and the implications on their day to day work. So it should not be merely a “display of power” but more a fruitful discussion for all sides: the fellows and the participants of the side event.

This goal led to the creation of the existing program, which is not the classic conference setup with presentations and listeners but wants to give a more interactive approach. To start off and to get everyone on the same page there will be three keynotes about uncertainties in Integrated Catchment Studies given by international experts. Then these experts and also a representative of the practitioners will have a podium discussion about the applicability of uncertainty analysis. Here questions are welcome and encouraged from the audience in order to get an interaction. After that a very short introduction in the research of the QUICS network is given using the technique of Pico presentations of 3 minutes to give only a glimpse of the research done to trigger interest and hopefully lively discussions over lunch at the posters exhibited. In the afternoon there will then be workshops about tools and methods developed by the fellows for the conference attendees to participate in. There will be time to visit 3 different workshops in order to get a broad overview about available techniques. Last but not least hopefully the discussion will go on with drinks and snacks.

At this place a big thank you to all the fellows who participate and contribute to this event.

If you’re interested in attending this event on 2nd November 2017, you can still register for free until 22nd October. More information can be found at: and

Franz Tscheikner-Gratl, TU Delft

Discussions around posters during a previous QUICS event
The end is near – the QUICS final dissemination event